Greeting cards

I mustache you a question…

Father’s day is coming up in New Zealand so I thought I would start off with a card for all the dapper dads out there and started die cutting a lot of mustaches, bow ties and ties to use on a bunch of different designs.

I started off with a simple design first.. a set of three nesting stitched rectangles, alternating in black and white put together with a mustache in the center then finished off on a black background and the sentiment ‘happy father’s day’ in different fonts.


I love this design so much I actually made versions that say ‘happy birthday’ and ‘thank you’ in similar block lettering.

The next card can be used for any occasion, it uses the same stitched rectangles just the larger size and added color with the border and bow tie.20180819195601.JPG

I love these dies and you can expect to see more of them in the future.

Greeting cards

Hello, its me… am I the card you’ve been looking for?

You know when you have a great idea then you put it into action and you realize just how much work your idea will take to become reality?  Well that is this “simple” hello card…

I had the idea to repeatedly die cut one of my sentiments out of plain colored backgrounds and put a black backing paper then fill one of the sentiments in.. sounds easy enough.  When i sat down to execute this idea, I realized just how much time it would take.

I chose the ‘hello’ sentiment from the Tim Holtz Friendship Words collection, I really love the cursive font used in these dies and one day I hope to own all of Tim Holtz sentiment packs.  Then I picked colors of the rainbow, aiming to make six cards but I thought if I liked it I might do more.

I started with yellow and half an hour later I was finally done… it took so much longer then I expected but the results are really worth it.  I love these cards but because of the amount of time it took to make I won’t be rushing to make them again.