Birthday card, Greeting cards

Simple embossed backgrounds

I don’t know if it is just me but I always struggle with cards designed to be given to men.  I think its because at the most basic level I just love pretty things, I love butterflies and flowers and ultimately things do not look complete to me without a scattering of sparkles and pearls.

But the men in our lives need cards too, and I know that they could easily get a card with butterflies and sparkles – I know plenty of men who have readily accepted and loved handmade cards with beautiful butterflies but it was because they loved the look of them.

I wanted to start somewhere for the men with simple and clean tastes. Those who want something that gets the job done without all the frills; but just because they may not want the trims and frills, it does not mean they cannot have something beautiful.

I went through my die collection and realized I had so many embossing plates which I have neglected and so I had an idea to bring interest to the card without the need of too many embellishments.


I used an old cuttlebug hexagon embossing folder to create three strips to layer behind a rectangle the same color as the background and with the sentiment ‘happy birthday’.  I used shades of blue and green for the embossed paper and then did a set using a white background and a set using a white background.


Personally I like the black background more because it makes the colors pop a little it more but I think both look great. which do you like more?



My little multicolored dress

So over the weekend I was basically couch ridden due to complications with my lower back, so i decided to use that time to try out a new die I got.. the  Impression Obsession Dies – Gown – Dress (

I started off just with a couple, planning to make a couple of wedding cards – but then an idea struck… wouldn’t it be better to die cut a whole bunch of these little beauties and make my cards afterwards?

So that is exactly what I did and after an hour I somehow ended up with 109 of these little dresses, 40 sets of bows and 60 silhouettes with no plan on how to use them all.

I started off with the most obvious design, a single girl in a dress off to the side of the card and I think the simplicity of the design is really great.  I think this card is very versatile and  would make great card for birthdays, to say thank you, a wedding card or even just to say hello.  These cards are simple made with a dress, silhouette and a bow, layered on an embossed background and finished off with some handmade flowers and pearls.

Next I wanted to make a birthday card.  I decided my design would use three of the dresses in different colors, I mean at this point I still had 103 dresses left.  These cards have two options, the fist having a single ombre color or having the three different colors in the different ‘shades’ finished off with the sentiment ‘birthday wishes’ in black to pop.

Now with 85 dresses to go I wanted to make an elegant wedding card.  This card is completely monochromatic with a white embossed background, white frame, white dress and finished off with some white flowers and pearls. This is probably my favorite design in this dress series.

The next two cards are variations of my first card, this time just adding simple sentiments such as ‘forever friends’ and ‘congrats’.

Finally I wanted to add something to the dress so I used a second die to create a ‘lace’ detailing.  I layered the detailed dress with some foam tape onto a frame and put it onto an embossed background and finished it off with a little ‘happy birthday’ sentiment.

After all of this I still have 60 dresses to use but for now I have put them into a container to pull out another day to use.