Birthday card, Greeting cards

Simple embossed backgrounds

I don’t know if it is just me but I always struggle with cards designed to be given to men.  I think its because at the most basic level I just love pretty things, I love butterflies and flowers and ultimately things do not look complete to me without a scattering of sparkles and pearls.

But the men in our lives need cards too, and I know that they could easily get a card with butterflies and sparkles – I know plenty of men who have readily accepted and loved handmade cards with beautiful butterflies but it was because they loved the look of them.

I wanted to start somewhere for the men with simple and clean tastes. Those who want something that gets the job done without all the frills; but just because they may not want the trims and frills, it does not mean they cannot have something beautiful.

I went through my die collection and realized I had so many embossing plates which I have neglected and so I had an idea to bring interest to the card without the need of too many embellishments.


I used an old cuttlebug hexagon embossing folder to create three strips to layer behind a rectangle the same color as the background and with the sentiment ‘happy birthday’.  I used shades of blue and green for the embossed paper and then did a set using a white background and a set using a white background.


Personally I like the black background more because it makes the colors pop a little it more but I think both look great. which do you like more?


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