Greeting cards

Hello, its me… am I the card you’ve been looking for?

You know when you have a great idea then you put it into action and you realize just how much work your idea will take to become reality?  Well that is this “simple” hello card…

I had the idea to repeatedly die cut one of my sentiments out of plain colored backgrounds and put a black backing paper then fill one of the sentiments in.. sounds easy enough.  When i sat down to execute this idea, I realized just how much time it would take.

I chose the ‘hello’ sentiment from the Tim Holtz Friendship Words collection, I really love the cursive font used in these dies and one day I hope to own all of Tim Holtz sentiment packs.  Then I picked colors of the rainbow, aiming to make six cards but I thought if I liked it I might do more.

I started with yellow and half an hour later I was finally done… it took so much longer then I expected but the results are really worth it.  I love these cards but because of the amount of time it took to make I won’t be rushing to make them again.

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